Personal Training - Largs Bay
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Personal Training

Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain your personal fitness objectives. Our personal training sessions are specifically tailored to meet your personal goals. We design programs based on your current level of fitness and desired objectives. Importantly, your program will be based on exercise and lifestyle changes that are realistic and sustainable.

Personal training can help improve / assist with:

  • Weight management.
  • Muscle definition / tone.
  • Fitness level and stamina / strength.
  • Felxibility and range of movement.
  • Balance and coordination.
  • Sport specific / exercise goals.

Personal training sessions are available as:

  • One on one;
  • Small groups and;
  • Group Exercise classes, which are held outside on the Largs Bay foreshore.

Prior to commencing Personal Training sessions all clients are required to have a free consultation to discuss personal health and desired fitness outcomes.

Personal Training and Group Exercise Classes are provided by Julie Taylor and  Richard Roope.

The quickest way to book a Personal Training session is using the Largs Bay Health & Yoga App, which is a free app available at the Apple App Store / Google Play or via the Appointments tab for One on One Personal Training or the Classes tab for Group Personal Training Sessions on our booking web site. You can also book by phone 7225 2411 or email


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