We are currently not offering any yoga classes:Our yoga classes include the practice of postures (asana) and breathing techniques (pranayama). The emphasis in our classes is on precision and alignment of the body, planned sequencing & timing and the use of props used to assist students to get the correct position and alignment of the body. This approach allows people of all ages, levels of health and fitness to enjoy the benefits that a sustained yoga practice can bring. This includes the ability to face physical, mental and emotional challenges of everyday life with strength, vitality, mobility and calmness.

We are currently not offering any yoga classes:


  • Introductory Yoga Course – Comprise of 10 x 1 hour classes over a 10 week period. During the course students will be introduced to introductory yoga postures and get an understanding of the actions and breath required when practicing the postures. The course is intended for those who are new to yoga. Introductory Courses are held throughout the year and align with school terms.
  • Gentle Class – This class is for students new to yoga or students who are looking for a gentle slow paced class where props are used to support students. The pace of the class is slower than the Introductory Yoga Courses and the Beginner classes. No prior experience is required to attend this class. The duration of the class is 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • Beginner Class – Intended for beginners who have completed the Introductory Course or who have experienced yoga before. The duration of the class is 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • General Class – Intended for students who have prior yoga experience. In these classes, we will be moving towards headstand (Sirsasana), more challenging back bends (e.g. Urdhva Dhanurasana) and performing introductory Pranayama (yogic breathing). The duration of the class is 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • Restorative Class – Restorative classes include poses that promote relaxation and stillness. As the restorative poses will be supported they will be held for a longer duration than other classes with the focus on the breath. The classes will also include introductory Pranayama (yogic breathing) at the end of the class.


Our classes are inspired by Iyengar Yoga, which is a form of Hatha Yoga developed by B K S Iyengar. BKY Iyengar devoted his life to the teaching of yoga and has been recognized worldwide for his contribution to yoga.


All equipment is provided however; students are welcome to bring their own mat.


Our Yoga teachers include, Pat Farnsworth and Stuart Macrow.

The quickest way to book a Yoga Class or Introductory Yoga Course is using the Mindbody App, which is a free app from the Apple App store or Google Play. You can also book appointments via the Book a Class page,  by email or phone 7225 2411.