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Founded by passionate yoga enthusiasts with a deep love for holistic well-being, Largs Bay Health and Yoga has been a landmark for the local community for 10 years. Our vision has always been to grow this studio into a community of people looking for solace and inner peace to connect with others through the practice of yoga.


At Largs Bay Health and Yoga we offer a wide range of yoga practices to support all aspects of your life. From our slow and restorative Yin classes for your mind, to our slow flow and mobility classes designed to help your body move and function with more freedom and flexibility, there is something for everyone at every level.


Yoga is a practice that supports your mind, body and soul. We have curated a timetable based on our incredible teachers experiences, that offers all this support from yoga you could possibly need across all stages of life. 

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Largs Bay Health & Yoga

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