Barre attack & Bubs

What is Barre Attack & Bubs?| How does Barre Attack & Bubs benefit your wellbeing

Postnatal Barre Attack Class Description:

Welcome to our Postnatal Barre Attack class, a specialized fitness experience designed to support new mothers on their postpartum journey!

Let’s our instructor to tell you more!

What to Expect in Postnatal Barre attack 

  • Gentle yet effective exercises tailored for postpartum bodies.
  • Incorporation of ballet-inspired movements, Pilates principles, and targeted strength training.
  • Emphasis on postnatal recovery, core strengthening, and overall toning.
  • Experienced instructors providing personalized guidance and support.

Postnatal barre attack’s Benefits

  • Aid in postpartum recovery and regain strength.
  • Focus on core and pelvic floor health.
  • Enhance posture and overall body toning.
  • Create a supportive community with fellow postpartum mothers.

Who Can Join Postnatal Barre Attack

Barre Attack & Bubs is designed for new mothers seeking a supportive and inclusive fitness experience. It’s suitable for postpartum individuals at various stages of their recovery journey.

What to Bring:

Comfortable workout attire that allows for ease of movement.

Your baby, in a carrier or stroller, along with any essentials they may need during the session.

A water bottle to stay hydrated during the workout.

Join Us!

Join us for Postnatal Barre Attack and embark on a journey to rebuild strength, restore balance, and connect with other new mothers in a supportive and uplifting environment!