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(Pre & Postnatal Yoga Instructor)

  • 29 years of personal yoga practice
  • 7 years of yoga teaching
  • Registered Level 1 member of Yoga Australia
  • Yoga teaching qualifications:
  • 500 hour Hatha yoga teacher training (Yoga Spirit Studios 2015)
  •  prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher training (Bliss Baby Yoga 2016)
  • women’s pelvic floor and hormone balancing yoga teacher training (Lisa Fitzpatrick,
    Sacred Womens Business 2021)
  •  Degrees in Health Science and Creative Industries; studies in matrescence (the transition to motherhood and the complete identity change that occurs in this); experience in workshop facilitation/coaching for women in wellbeing, transformation and leadership;a keen interest in nature-based yoga, leading Nature and Wellbeing Yoga retreats and outdoor yoga in bush and beach settings. I‘ve worked in nature conservation for thirty odd years and love the connection between nature, creativity and our physical and mental health.


(Pre & Postnatal Yoga Instructor)

  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training
  • 22hr Prenatal & Postnatal Training
  • Trauma Sensitive Mindful Movement
  • Childbirth Education Course- Mamaste Fit
  • 60 hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training
  • 60 hr Yin Yoga & MFR Teacher Training
  • 30 hr Weaving Wisdom Training

    Sarah, is a skilled yoga instructor who seamlessly blends Eastern and Western influences, merging the art of movement science with timeless ancient philosophies. Her repertoire spans a diverse range of embodied yoga styles, prominently featuring Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga.

    Notably, she possesses expertise in guiding students through Yin Yoga sessions, facilitating Myofascial Release, and providing comprehensive Pre/Postnatal and birth education classes.

    At the core of her journey lies a dedication to teaching easily understandable and uplifting movement practices. These practices are designed to empower individuals in nurturing their well-being, both on and beyond the yoga mat.



  • 200 hour RYT 
  • 50 hour Yin Course
  • 20 Hour Mindfulness Meditation Course

Yoga came into my life at the start of Covid, in lockdown I had the erge to give it a go.


Went into my back yard with a towel on the grass and YouTube searched a Yoga class. And from then on I fell in love. At the time I had severe anxiety and through time of learning the physical, mental and spiritual side of Yoga it helped me release this anxiety and taught me tricks on how to ease it.

 I knew I always wanted to teach, something, anything. I just wanted to help people. And then it clicked. I should teach yoga. No matter what class you attend from me, whether it is a strong Vinyasa class or a Slow flow class. Expect a nurturing and calm energy. A place where laughter is aloud and kindness is expressed. See you on the mat soon 

Kylie Ware 

  • Certified Personal Trainer for 19 years
  • Thump Advanced Instructor (2006)
  •  Massage II (2009)
  • TRX Suspension Trainer (2012)
  •  Active Anatomy Rehab (2013)
  •  Studio Platinum Matwork, Ball, Band, and Circle Pilates (2019)
  •  Kangatraining Postnatal Care (2020)

Kylie, a devoted mother of three, is deeply passionate about assisting you in regaining your strength and equilibrium after childbirth. With two decades of experience as a fitness professional, she possesses an extensive wealth of knowledge to support your fitness journey.

Following the birth of her two older children, Kylie faced the challenge of staying active while juggling the demands of motherhood. Like many parents, her little ones preferred to stay close to her, making it challenging to carve out “me time.” Finding a class that catered to the needs of postnatal bodies proved to be a struggle.

Kangatraining offers a comprehensive workout that enhances cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and muscular strength. Unlike traditional exercise classes, new mothers no longer need to fret about securing a babysitter or tending to an unsettled baby during their workout. In Kangatraining, babies are securely worn by their mothers, becoming an integral part of the fitness routine.

Beyond the physical benefits, Kangatraining provides an opportunity to connect with other local mothers in a fun and relaxed setting, boosting emotional well-being.

Special attention is dedicated to the pelvic floor, abdominal muscles, and maintaining correct posture. Kangatrainers are well-versed in best practices for babywearing, ensuring that mothers can carry their babies in the safest and most comfortable positions.

Kylie’s passion for Pilates and Personal Training drives her to empower individuals to reach their full potential through safe and tailored exercises designed for their unique bodies.


-200 HR Yoga Teacher Training 

Originally from Italy, I have been living in Australia since 2006. Yoga entered my life in 2016 during a turbulent period, and I fell in love with the practice immediately.

The yoga mat has remained a sanctuary where I can escape to be present and feel grounded.

After relocating to Adelaide, I had the good fortune to meet my yoga teacher, Stewart Heffernan. In 2020, I completed my 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training with Teach Yoga Adelaide. Additionally, in the same year, I pursued yin training with Melanie McLaughlin from the Yin Space.

Stepping out of my comfort zone and delving deep into the study of yoga has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I consider myself a perpetual student!

I invite you to join me on the mat—my classes are open to everyone. Bring your smile and don’t take yourself too seriously!

In my spare time, I love immersing myself in the ocean, surfing, and swimming. I also enjoy hosting friends and spoiling them with my culinary skills. Trust me; I’m always up for a good chat!

See you on the mat,


Margaretha is a certified 500 hr YTT registered with Yoga Alliance and has more than 600 hours of teaching in studio settings.

My teaching style is intuitive to acknowledging where my students are and allowing challenges for growth, with an understanding that all yoga journeys and students are different both biologically and in nature.  I first discovered yoga as a child with my mother being a Hatha yoga teacher up until the age of 75, my father a calisthenics teacher and Commonwealth games wrestler. Our family always had a lovely combination of mats and bars to roll and tumble on growing up, little did I know many years ago that my parents were preparing me for one of the best journeys possible in Life. My background includes Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Calisthenics, Mobility, Quadruple based primal movement. For me teaching yoga is about the balance between strength and flexibility, exertion, and releasing. From my classes you can expect a combination of Intuitive guidance, strength and mobility work in a dynamic, Vinyasa Flow style. Expect to move, perspire, and breathe. I teach a variation from the traditional surya namaskar in this flow to increase ease in transitions between asanas, offering variations throughout practice. Options for those wanting to work towards inversions over duration of regular attendance in classes. My Yin Yoga Classes are a contemplative practice where I will work with you to target the deepest tissues of the connective tissues-ligaments, joints, bones, the deep Fascia networks of the body and the Meridians’ Yin Yoga Is a contrast to Yang style yoga such as Vinyasa that targets the muscles.