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Welcome to “The House of Mother”, where we’re revolutionizing the path to motherhood. Our mission is to redefine the journey of becoming a mother by creating a nurturing space that blends community, education, support, and movement all within a harmonious environment.


Gone are the days of gathering in inadequate community halls. Our exquisitely designed studio is tailored to cater to your needs, accompanying you on your unique journey while fostering a sense of community around you. We will equip you with knowledge rooted in evidence, empower you to navigate your journey with confidence and embrace every facet of this profound experience.


Embrace a new chapter of your motherhood journey with open arms.


Welcome to The House of Mother.

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Emma Glenn, Studio Manager. Largs Bay Health & Yoga


Postpartum Doula &
Baby Sleep Specialist

Doula, Lactation Consultant &
Hypnobirthing Educator


Prenatal Yoga Instructor


Circuit, Kangatraining

and Pilates Trainer


Postnatal Instructor

The House of Mother 10 Class Pass

As a mum, navigating unexpected challenges with your little one can be tough. At Largs Bay Health & Yoga, we’re here to support you with a special offer tailored just for mums. Get 10 credits valid for 6 months, giving you the flexibility to choose sessions that best suit your schedule and needs. Take a step toward your wellness journey on your terms!


Only $150, valid for 6 months

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Have questions? Need support? Schedule your free consultation today and take the first step towards a more empowered and confident you. Motherhood is a beautiful ride – and we’re here to make it even more fulfilling. Our qualified and experienced consultants bring a wealth of knowledge across various areas of motherhood. From breastfeeding, sleep and infant care to managing multiple roles, we’ve got you covered. If you would like to book a consultation click on the link below to email us or make a booking by calling 08 7225 2411.