Everyone is wondering – when will it happen? Was that cough the start?? When will I: get sick / need to quarantine myself or my children / find that my work is closing until this is over / not be able to do … so many things.

It’s a time of so much indecision and uncertainty – and that means stress on the nervous system, stress on the body.

Hand washing and social distancing are great techniques to try to manage/control the spread of infection. We should all be paying head to the public health warnings and hygiene practices that governments are putting in place.

But after washing hands and foregoing that meet up with friends, is there anything more that you can do to support your health outcomes? YES!  All the following are ways that you can support your immune system on a daily basis:

  1. Regular exercise
  2. Eat a rainbow of vegetables every day
  3. Regular, good quality sleep
  4. Getting out into nature – beautiful beach walks at Largs Bay!
  5. Stress management – tricky with this fast-changing situation of COVID-19 (see steps 1, 2, 3, 4 for helping stress). Also consider just sitting for 3 minutes and following your breath. Do nothing, just breathe!
  6. Herbal medicine and nutrition: many herbs and nutrients have been demonstrated to support health, reduce risk of infection and lower the impact on the body if you do catch a cold or virus.

Naturopath Elena Williams at Largs Bay Health and Yoga is offering 15 minute on-line consults for acute treatments. Stay as healthy as you possibly can this season! Organise a booking here
Also offering full 60 minute Naturopathic consults online during this time of Coronavirus for those who prefer to avoid going out.

To make a booking for a 15minute or 60 minute Naturopathy Consult go to;

For Naturopathy bookings go to:

Please note: Elena will not be offering Acupuncture treatments for the next 2-4 weeks. As things are changing so quickly with the Coronavirus, we’ll keep you posted about when Acupuncture is again available at Largs Bay Health and Yoga.

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