Online Services - Largs Bay
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We are excited to be offering the following online services during this challenging time when our yoga studio / natural therapy clinic is closed:


    • Naturopathy consultations with Elena.
    • Personal / group training classes with Richard.
    • General Yoga classes with Stuart and Leonie.


We are offering the following classes to start with. The scheduled times and duration may change depending on demand.


    • Monday


06.30pm – 07.15pm Online Exercise Training


    • Tuesday


06.30pm – 07.45pm Online Yoga Class – General


    • Wednesday:


09.30am – 10.45am Online Yoga Class – General

06.30pm – 07.15pm Online Exercise Training


    • Thursday


06.30pm – 07.45pm Online Yoga Class – General


    • Saturday


08.30am – 09.15am Online Exercise Training

10.00am – 11.15am Online Yoga Class – General


The Online Exercise Training classes are suitable for everybody. The preference is that participants have an exercise mat. The Online Yoga Classes are suitable for students who have been to yoga classes before. The preferred equipment for these classes is as follows:


    • 1 x Yoga Mat.
    • 4 x Blankets.
    • 1 x Bolster (blankets can be folded to form a bolster).
    • 1 x Belt (an belt you use for trousers could be used).
    • 1 x Chair (would be great to have but not essential).


If you don’t have yoga equipment and would like to participate there are 2 options:


    • You can purchase equipment on-line. We recommend iyogaprops.
    • We are hiring out our yoga equipment. For $5 per week we will provide the following:


      • 1 x Mat.
      • 1 x Bolster.
      • 4 x Blankets.
      • 2 x Bricks.
      • 1 x Belt.
      • 1 x Chair.


The cost of the classes is as follows:


    • Single class $8.
    • Unlimited class pack for 1 week $20. This includes Online Group Training and Online Yoga Classes.


We can transfer any existing class packs to the online class packs or you can keep the credit that you currently have until we re-open. Expiry dates will be extended on existing class packs if needed.




Before commencing online classes, all participants will need to provide a signed agreement, which can be found on our website.




    • You will need about 2 square metres of clear floor space.
    • The floor space needs to be stable and safe. It should not be slippery and any rugs that may slip or catch your feet need to be removed.
    • Remove any close objects that could fall or cause you to fall including unsecured furniture, toys, pets etc.
    • Ensure any equipment that you are using is stable, particularly chairs. For the yoga classes having a clear wall space would be beneficial, particularly for students who do inversions. In addition, a wall can be used for additional stability for standing poses.
    • For the Group Training sessions, wear proper training shoes that protects the stability of your ankles and joints as well as keeps you from slipping during movement.
    • Keep a towel and water close by so you stay hydrated.
    • We recommend you consult your doctor before commencing exercise programs, especially if you have any risk factors e.g. cardio vascular and respiratory issues.
    • Stop exercising if you feel dizzy, fatigued, short of breath, chest pain, joint pain etc. Contact your doctor or other emergency care if needed.
    • If you are unclear on the directions or have physical limitations to a prescribed exercise, please let us know.


Technology Requirements


Our classes will be streamed live using Zoom. We will provide participants with the meeting id’s and passwords before the classes.


To participate, you will need a device with a camera. This could be a desktop computer, laptop, iPad/tablet, phone etc.


The steps are as follows:


1. Download the Zoom Client for Meetings if using a desktop or laptop or the Zoom Mobile Apps if using a mobile device –


2. Before your first class, we will provide you with the Zoom meeting id and password that will be the same for all classes.


3. Before the class, set-up your device so that you will be able to see the screen. Please note there are adapters you can get to transfer the screen from your mobile device to a TV. The bigger the screen you can see, the better it will be. We have just purchased an adapter for iPhone to HDMI and our small phone screen becomes 55 inches!


4. Open up the Zoom App which will provide the window below. Select Join a Meeting.


5. In the Join Meeting window below input the meeting id we provide, your name and select Join.



6. In the Join a Meeting window below input the password we provide you and select Join.



7. In the window below select Join With Computer Audio.



8. You should now be able to see the Trainer / Teacher. During the session you can use the options at the bottom of the screen to Mute the sound, Stop Video to stop your camera and Leave Meeting if you would like to exit the session. During a class / training session all participants will be on mute so that participants can just heat the teacher / trainer.



9. We will do our best to be logged in and ready to go 15 minutes before a session in case you have any questions to ask. You can also contact us via our mobiles if you are experiencing any connection issues – Richard 0458 018 513, Stuart 0419 397 662, Leonie 0415 639 305.


We have prepared these instructions in a document you can print if needed.

The quickest way to book an online appointment or class is using the Largs Bay Health & Yoga App, which is a free app from the Apple App store or Google Play. You can also book via the Book Now page, by email or phone 0408 859 274.