People seek counselling for many different reasons, we are all unique and respond to stressors based on our personal make up, family and relationship dynamics and our life circumstances. At one time or another, many people will find themselves facing challenges difficult to work though without assistance.


Using an integrative and holistic approach to counselling, Julie draws from many therapies including Person Centred Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Reality Therapy. In the counselling environment, Julie fosters a non-judgemental space, in which the individual is safe to explore and address their concerns using both coaching and counselling techniques. We will work together to find practical, meaningful ways to make long lasting positive change, bringing about wellbeing, both physically and psychologically.

The quickest way to make a Counselling appointment is using the MindBody App, which is a free app from the Apple App store or Google Play. You can also book appointments via the Book Now page, by email or phone 0408 859 274.

Julie has have a special interest in the following areas:


  • Families raising a child with special needs, new diagnosis support and the home to school transition
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Women’s health and wellbeing
  • Family and couple counselling
  • Healthy lifestyle and wellness coaching