Our Facilities - Largs Bay
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About – Our Facilities

Our clinic / studio is located at 2/435 Military Road Largs Bay and includes 4 treatment rooms, 2 yoga studios and 2 toilets. We also have a small personal training studio at 413 Military Road Largs Bay. Our premises are fully air-conditioned to ensure the comfort of our clients in both summer and winter.

Our business doesn’t have a receptionist, so when you arrive please take a seat and your therapist or teacher will greet you when they are ready.

The quickest way to make a booking is using the Largs Bay Health & Yoga App, which is a free app from the Apple App store or Google Play. You can also make reservations online via our booking website, by phone 7225 2411 or email info@largsbayhealthandyoga.com

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